Mozambique , Inhambane Activities

We have amazing activities along the palm beach coastline for you to do on your holiday for all to enjoy.

Snorkeling at low tide in the coral garden pools

This has got to be one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. The bays have a reef that extends from the shore at angle for up to 400m, which at low tide every day offers calm and protected water on the inner edge, suitable for kids and beginners. The depth ranges from 1m down to 5m and offers pool-like conditions . Reef’s are home to hundreds of reef fish, lion fish, stone fish, a multitude of eels, shrimps, crayfish, cuttle fish, star fish, octopus, and a garden of soft and hard corals. There is always something new to see!

Don’t let the shallow depth of these reefs fool you as they very shalow and can walk to the at low tide each day. Soft corals, fish and crustaceans abound and nudibranches that don’t appear in any books ! This is the spot for the “scientist” and beginner alike. Even the majestic mantas come in to this protected area to give birth. The soft corals are quite beautiful offering unbelievably good photographic opportunities.

Ocean Safari Trips – 2 Hrs 

The Ocean safari is a two hour trip, to search for anything on the surface from Dolphins and Whalesharks to Humpback Whales ,dolphins , huge sea turtles and pelagic fish feeding and hunting. Scuba center’s offer regular snorkel trips by boat out to the reef’s, as well as trips further out to swim with the amazing whale shark and dolphins. This is an experience you will never forget. One can easily see sightings of over 15 whale shark at once. The whale shark are happy to hang around with the snorkelers.

The sea safari snorkeling and diving in Mozambique compares with some of the best in the world from the awesome sightings of Manta Rays, Whale sharks and Humpback Whales to the sought after Harlequin Shrimp, Frogfish and Sea Horses – there is something to please everyone. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are teeming with life and the reefs are pristine. We have over 1000 species of fish as well as Manta Rays, Whalesharks, Dolphins, Turtles, migrating Humpback Whales and the mythical Dugong. The list is endless, the colours of the pristine reefs, beyond description and we are still discovering uncharted reefs..

Deep Sea Reef Diving

Folks come from all over the world just to dive one of 16 famous different reefs out to sea, that range in depth from 7 – 40 metres and the most famous is Manta reef one of the top 10 rated dive sites in the world but the list is endless and we are still discovering uncharted reefs all the time. The colours of the pristine reefs are beyond description and with Manta Rays, Whale Sharks & Humpback Whales everyday a dive is an amazing experience . Courses available from novice to Master Diver during your stay at great rates.

Pansy Island Tour

This is a must do amazing full day tour undertaken in Inhambane Bay. It starts with a light breakfast on a dhow (local boat) followed by snorkeling and some sea shell picking on Pansy island that is pure sand and shells as is under water some of each day. The main attraction is Pigos Island where upon arrival you will be served a delicious lunch before embarking on a tour which includes meeting the chief of the island as well as visiting the local school and clinic. The tour was very informative and according to our guide, there are only +- 800 permanent residents who reside on this island and they are predominantly self – sufficient with supplies being brought in by boat every so often.

Quad cultural tour

One of the favorite activities. Travel on the hired quad bikes and hit the sandy trails to Tofo all the way up to Barra Beach. Riding along sandy pathways in and among the palm trees past local villages with the wind in our hair is how memories are made. Open up the throttles or just chill on the flat open sandy paths between huge coconut trees and is incomplete without a stop at one of the many beach lodges for a beer and a dip in their pool looking over the lagoon or ocean.

Surfing and Wind Surfing

Travel to Guinjata Bay or to the area of Tofinho which is situated on a hilly outcrop just to the right of Tofo. It is also the home of Tofinho Point which is a haven for surfers when the tide is right. If you are a beginner surfer like me, leave your ego at the door and rather watch the surfers from the hill while soaking in the chance to see Humpback whales breach and school of dolphins’ swim bye.

Inhambane Town and Dhow Bay Trip – 5+ hrs

Lying on Inhambane Bay the capital of the Inhambane Province is a sleepy historic town known for its rusting colonial architecture and is popular with tourists forits laid back atmosphere and setting. The Central Mercado, museum and informal markets provide an insight to local culture and flavours, local restaurants offer excellent seafood, colonial churches offer sensational views of the surrounding area, or enjoy a trip on a traditional dhow from Imhambane to Maxixe return. Visit Bara , Tofo and all the beach bars in Tofo en route.

Birding Trips – Morning or Full Day

Travel on sandy tracks. You will spend the early morning viewing the many legoa ponds for a special local of birding groups that travel to come see, the now infamous Eurasian bitterns found at the Coconut Legoa’s. There are many other rare birds found large numbers such as the the Lesser Jacana ,Allen’s (Lesser) Gallinule, Spurwinged goose, Pigmy Goose, Lesser Moorhen, Dickinson’s Kestrel, Collared Palm Thrush, Brown-headed Parrot and many more found en route at the lagoa’s behind Coconut bay. Then to Guinjata or Coconut Beach along the beach in search of Waders and Sea birds in large numbers

The longer full day trip will then go towards Barra Beach to search for the Crab Plover and other waders, turns, etc. White Sands is a fantastic drive along the sandbar between the Mangrove Estuary and the Ocean. A stroll along the boardwalk through the Mangroves produces some exciting species. Lunch on the beach at one of the various local restaurants for flamingos and many unique birds in the bay area, then a slow drive back via Tofo through dune forest and coconut trees.